Free iPad tool to create photo slide show movies with sound

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Many times though, a slide presentation makes it out to people and the photo slides mean very little to folks as they flip through. If your concerned, there are desktop tools to put together an automated playing presentation of slides… one more program to learn.

If it was easier and we could do it all on our iPads, we could put together more bundles of photos that our work, family and friends would find useful. Well, actually, there is a self explanatory free tool on the iPad from the print book folks at Blurb. We know them for their printing services of our photos into nice books. Blurb also has a Blurb Mobile app that works nicely on the iPad and iPhone… and it’s free.

From within the Blurb Mobile app, start a new project. You can have up to 8 photos in each project, 15 if you in-app purchase the upgrade. Simply add photos from your iPad’s photo library. This can be done pretty quickly since you can re-arrange the order, resize photos and even edit the photos with simple built in tools. Each photo spot in the slide presentation can actually have a framed group of photos.

Once you have the photos in the order you want, go back to the beginning and choose the audio recording option. Now, talk your way through the photos, advancing to set the timing of the flow. Blurb Mobile even supports adjusting the transition between the photos. When done, save the creation to your iPad’s photo library as a self playing video file. Sharing out through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, or attaching to an email. Quick, simple and free…


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