Getting a New iPad? Get your updates now!

Friday brings the New iPad to many people’s waiting hands. If you have an iPhone or a earlier version of the iPad, you may have apps that have been updated for the New iPad’s screen. Tomorrow, when your activating your iPad, these updated apps will try to download and install for you. If everyone else is doing their updates, you will be waiting a while. So, update now.

We have seen a few that we use just about every day so we’re jumping onto iTunes to download tonight instead of fighting the crowds tomorrow. Apple does a great job of supporting the heavy traffic days, but who wants to risk it and have to wait to start playing with the New iPad tomorrow while things download/update.

Skitch: Supercharged free iPad screenshot tool

– Graphics and interface optimized for the iPad’s new Retina display
– Smoother transitions for screen changes and device rotation
– Improved Screenshot mode

Evernote: Cloud notes manager for the iPad, iPhone and desktop.

-New for iPad — Retina display optimized interface
-Checkbox improvements for iPad
— Checkboxes now support indentation
— New lines after a checkbox will automatically insert a box
-New — Note title suggestions:
— Tap title to view suggested note titles
— Suggestions refine as you add your own title

OmniGraffle: create a quick diagram, process chart, page layout, website wireframe, and graphic design

– Support for Retina displays has been added along with high-resolution versions of the image resources.

Readability: Read Internet content later when convenient, even when the iPad is offline.

– optimized for the new iPad retina display
– articles now show author and date (when available)

Kindle eBook Reader: Reader for Kindle eBooks on the iPad

-New library design – view your content in a new, updated look and feel. iPhone users can now choose to view their library in grid view.
-Cloud view – easily access all of your content in the cloud in a simple, combined view.
-Optimized for the new iPad retina display.

Phraseology: app for focused writing. Part text editor, part word processor

– Retina graphics for the new iPad.
– Copy markdown HTML to clipboard.

WordPress: WordPress blog post and page creator/editor

-iOS5.1 compatible
-Updated graphics for the new iPad

Twitter: Twitter app for the iPad

-High resolution graphics for the Retina display on the new iPad

Halftone: Halftone newspaper print effort for photos on the iPad

-Updated Retina images for the new iPad
– iOS 5.1 compatibility

Star Walk: Interactive astro astronomy for the iPad

– New SkyLive with animation
– New HIP Catalog with more than 170k stars
– Up to 200k objects on screen (compare to 10k on iPad/iPad2)
– High resolution interface for the New iPad
– High resolution textures for planets, constellations and satellites
– High resolution Pictures of the Day

Trulia Real Estate: Homes for Sale, Apartments for Rent

-Optimized for the New iPad

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