1a Easy Writer on the iPad makes writing easy… and quick, now with cloud sync

We keep playing with different options to get text into our iPads to take notes, keep track of tasks and share our creative work. Earlier this week we covered a new solution to better manage our meeting notes with, MeetingMaker. Today we learned that the folks that brought us TextKraft now has released 1a Easy Writer. While TextKraft is an advanced tool with word suggestions and look ups as you type, 1a Easy Writer is more for the quick note taker and editing smaller documents on the go. 1a Easy Writer is showing in the iTunes store for no charge right now, not sure how long that deal will last.

1a Easy Writer has a quick access bar above the iPad’s keyboard to cut down on the need to drill through one keyboard to another for features and often used typographical characters:

• Quick text selection tools.
• Rapid memories.
• The magic éüç-button for all diacritical marks, accents and “Umlauts”.
• The Spell-Aid-button finds all unknown and wrong words.
• Font size pinching.
• Fast navigation with 10 cursor keys.
• Upper-/lowercase by keystroke.
• Typographical quotes and other special chars.
• Undo/Redo.

Every 1a Easy Writer document also have quick access to sharing and cloud storage. Attach the text note to a email or tweet, print, open-in another app or save a copy. When needing to continue to edit or use the document on your computer, upload/edit/download can be done with Dropbox or iCloud.

Writing with 1a Easy Writer can be done in portrait and landscape views. And, the extended upper shortcut keys can be used or hidden when you use the iPad’s split keyboard (thumb typing) layout.