Creating MarkDown Documents on the iPad, for the beginner to advanced writers

More and more writing is needing to be done in a clean environment. There are very few documents that actually need advanced layout. Easy to read text with bold lettering and lists is all that is really needed. Most important is the speed that notes can be taken, then shared with others.

Whether the need to write is for creative or for meeting note taking, team members have been leaning towards using apps that support the MarkDown language. We have covered a few iPad options here in past articles (iA WriterKWrite), both very nice. Like any technology that isn’t WYSIWYG though, there is a learning curve.

Recently, MarkNote for the iPad was discovered. Most Markdown writing apps stress a very clean screen, nothing but a few lines of text. This is very nice for those seasoned users of the markdown method. For the rest of us, we forget if it is a ‘# ‘ or ‘+’ that we are supposed to be putting in the document to get a list going. Most apps offer a view of the document as it would appear when you upload the document to a viewer, but that is a few taps away. MarkNote offers a split screen so you can see what your typing and what the resulting document will be when you share it.

To make your creation usable, your MarkNote document can be synced through DropBox. The reverse screen/text with ‘Night Mode’ is a nice feature not often found too.


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