Full Pro version of Frame Artist with Templates – Free for a limited time!

In our chat about Frame Artist, one co-worker said “is a light Pages”, which seems to have stuck with us when talking about the app. The app comes with layout templates that you can add images to so that the creation of documents is much faster. Those documents aren’t notes, rather colorful invitations, calendars, flyers, time tables, newsletters… pretty much anything you want to assemble to share. Choose a layout, adjust where things will be with the full power to customize the background colors and patterns then get started placing things to personalize.

Adding images can be with images your iPad’s camera, Photo Library, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, or Tumblr. There are 17 filter effects that can be added to those photos. And, when placing them on the document, you can adjust the size, round the corners of the frames, adjust the margins and distance between the photos. Actually, this is a Universal app so all of that can be done on the iPhone and it’s photo sources too.

There are additional items to ‘stick onto’ your Frame Artist creations like stickers and speech balloons too.

When your Frame Artist document is complete and ready to share, output is available in 4 file sizes. Sharable via attaching to an email, or through the same places you can grab photos with to start your project; Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumble, Instagram and Picasa.

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