iPad owning golfers may want to stop by Starbucks for their free gift

We have mentioned the ”Pick of the Week’ free app cards at Starbucks before. They is generally a stack of them next to the cash register, next to the drink pick up or over on the milk/cream stand. This week’s card is for a free copy of Golfplan with Paul Azinger to install on your iPad. When you pick up one of the cards, go to the ‘App Store’ (one of the icons on your launcher), choose ‘Purchased’ from the options along the bottom of the screen, then scroll the resulting page down so you can select the ‘Redeem’ button. The ID code the window is looking for is the number on the back of the Starbucks Pick of the Week card. Once entered and validated in the background by Apple, the free app will start downloading.

There is a lot of video content of Paul Zinger giving tips on every part of the golf game.

For managing your schedule and tracking the plan vs delivered, the app asks you to set up an account and login. You can still use many of the other features if you choose not to give the app provider your information.

There is a ‘Settings’ area for you to Login or create a new GolfShot account. You can also choose to download the videos to your iPad for offline use later, see information based on if your Left Handed, and Sync your Plan with your iPad’s calendar. There is also ads for the company’s other products in the golf and baseball areas. The button at the top/right corner is to upgrade the app to the HD version… there is a cost involved with that upgrade.