Laminar update nice on the iPad… great on the new iPad HD screen!

Laminar (that inexpensive, quick to use and powerful iPad photo editor we covered before) has been updated for the new iPad’s high resolution screen with up to 20MP image resolution. Actually, the updates go beyond enhancements for the new screen, there is feature changes that will impact all Laminar users.

The User Interface for Laminar has been updated to make it easier to get around. This is accomplished by feature access being carried through the different tuning screens so things are where you expect them to be. Also, tools like ‘Layers’ have had a rethink so buttons are easy to get to as well you can now de-activate and re-arrange layers.

Also, multi filters can be grouped and applied at one time. This makes Laminar very handy when your working through more than one photo with the same effects being applied. We mentioned an app earlier today that allows you to tune how lighting effects the photo, this is a new feature in Laminar now too.


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