Sally is back on the iPad in HD… and she is running a Studio this time

It isn’t all work and no play around here. In fact, we have game fans across the whole area of types of gaming. We do our best to avoid much of it at the office though since the iPad makes it too easy to dive into a game and not come back up till lunch.

A game series that is popular away from the office is the Sally Adventures. The games are at the family level with no one getting run over by cars or trying to topple buildings. Instead, they are challenges of planning and organization, as she and her counter part Flo open hotels, burger stands, cake shops, and now a Studio. Sally’s Studio (yoga) is the latest in the iPad HD series where meeting customer needs with the services she provides is the path to winning.

As the game continues from simple stretching with clients in the work out studio to advanced classes and dancing. Just to kick it up a notch, Sally can open multiple studio locations too.

Admittedly, the type of game play isn’t for everyone, but for those that enjoy the challenges Sally is presented, it will be a long weekend of playing.

From the Sally Studio game developers:

■ Move your customers to Studio stations such as Swiss Warm up Balls, Yoga Mats, Weights, Step-ups, Dance Bars and serve them rehydrating Juice and don’t forget to play your favorite workout music to help them feel recharged.

■ Fresh new Studio services to play as Mini Games like Yoga Pose, Stress Relief, Weights, Dancing, Step Ups, Rehydration & much more!

■ It’s not just about serving your customers, they may need to feel more motivated, so play the latest tunes from your boombox to help them feel upbeat or even slow down time so you can get to more customers!

■ Shop for over 60 different powerups to keep those clients happy! After all, how do you train a Popstar? With a famous personal trainer of course!

■ As you travel from Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, London, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Sydney, India and many more places, you will meet many character personalities like soccer players, ballroom dancers, kungfu experts, models ,nurses, popstars and even an astronaut plus way more!

■ With 50 Levels and 10 beautiful locations around the world with many medals and trophies to earn you get hours upon hours of fun!

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