Instagram chocolate and Pinterest Peanut Butter – two greats apps in one on the iPad

For fans of Instagram on the iPhone and Android phones, sadly there is no method delivered from Instagram to view submitted photos on the iPad. You can run the Instagram app on the iPad in 2x mode, which makes the images larger but the UI isn’t redone for the iPad.

Enter Pinstagram, an iPad app specifically designed for viewing and interacting with photos and people you follow on Instagram. To accomplish the need to see multiple images, comments and hashtags, Pinstagram went with a Pinterest like UI.

Tap any of the names or hashtags to be taken to view only those images. Across the upper right corner of the Pinstagram screen is access to viewing photos post groups: everyone your following, Popular, your posts, images posted from around your location and photos you have ‘liked’. Tap an image to pin, like or comment on, all within the single overview page. Pinstagram is what we would have expected from Instagram, easy to use and visually pleasing.

Beware, this is a iPad only app and actually called… there is another app called pinstagram that is an iPhone only app and is not related to this iPad app.


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