iPhone Hipstamatic Camera app fans get a free magazine, on their iPad

Many of us, long before there was an Instagram, took pictures with our iPhones using the Hipstamatic app. The reason for the Instagram mention is that Hipstamatic allows you to choose from different ‘vintage’ films, lenses and flash types to take your pictures with. Mix and match to come up with a very large variety of photography results. Many of which are in the area of a vintage look now popular with Instagram.

The folks that brought us the iPhone camera app have now released a iPad magazine (shows via the Newsstand). The magazine, Snap, is a free publication for more than just fans of Hipstamatic. The photos may be coming from the iPhone, but the content articles are full featured. This is not a ‘how to use Hipstamatic’ magazine, instead there is a mix of beauty and grit, which means it does carry a Adult Content warning when downloading.

With the exception of taping a title in the Table of Contents page to jump to the article, there is no interactivity in the magazine. Snap is a true page turner on the iPad. That is fine though, since the content of the articles and photographs is why we are reading, no need for movies or dynamic graphics when dealing with a world wrapped in a retro feel.

Full content articles are available throughout the Snap Magazine. This is not just a collection of interesting photos, everything has a reason as fresh content is provided cover to cover.

Throughout the Snap Magazine is Hipstamatic images from people’s iPhones. Each images gives credit to the person that submitted the photo and lists what settings they used to get the picture.

Clicking on the description circle above the image takes you to the iPad’s Safari browser, launching a page further explaining the lens/film combination used to capture the photograph. This is a nice feature to have in Snap since many times you wonder, “how did they take that picture?”… now we know.

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