Building and sharing life and event timelines with the iPad, no Facebook required

Photo timelines are getting more attention since Facebook started to use them as how everyone on their social network has their posts arranged. While there has been a few services that have attempted to do timelines for your photos, seldom do they offer sharing those timelines without having to use a major social network relationship.

One service, OutMyWindow, is backed by Warner Bros so it isn’t relying on other services relationships to survive. The service lets you create timelines of photos, that you can share with only those you invite. You get 5 gigs of storage at no charge. And, like the title says, you are not required to invite only people that have Facebook accounts. The option to invite friends on Facebook is easy, as is entering family and friend’s email addresses to use that isn’t tied to any other services.

You can add photos and captions to your OutMyWindow timeline via the Web site or through the free iOS Universal app, so both your iPad and iPhone.

Don’t get trapped into thinking of this as only a child to adult recording system. Instead, we started using it on our projects for folks to go back and see team members that made us successful. Also, great for company parties, and department events are more fun when everyone is joining in the gathering of the memories. Without the worry of folks that shouldn’t see the timeline getting in. OutMyWindow does not allow outside Web sites to allow access to the timelines, but you can push from the timeline photos to other services. Being able to add while being mobile with the iPad makes updates always possible so friends always have something fresh to see.

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