Fence sitters, time to grab a Adonit Classic Stylus for your iPad

Styluses for writing on the iPad, there are a ton of options. Soft tips, big bodied, short length, protective caps, pocket clips… so many little things that make one work better for your needs than others. We have read all the reviews others have done, bought every option we can find and have learned that is no perfect iPad stylus for everyone. A stylus for writing doesn’t always work as nicely to draw with. As the options have grown, we have also learned that those black rubber tipped styluses can vary a lot from one unit to another due to the materials capacitance and squish factor.

We have covered the complete Adonit stylus line. They produce a light weight unit, a nice entry level device, a more robust Pro, one with a stylus on one end and an ink pen on the other, and finally a pressure sensitive version. All have a plastic wafer that allows the pen to ride smooth and solid on the iPad’s screen. Since the disc is clear, you can see exactly where the line is bring drawn rather than on the other side of a big black tip.

Today we found out that the entry level Adonit stylus is on sale. The stylus is solid feeling, with a nice weight and balance. The writing disc is covered with a cap that screws onto the other end so you wont loose it. The Pros/Cons… the sale price means you can see if it works for you without the usual expense of the better iPad pens. The precision and feel of the Adonit stylus is very nice, but that solid disc does mean you have a click click click if you print a lot on your iPad… some meeting people find that annoying. There is no guessing if your successfully drawing a line due to that solid surface to surface. The version on sale does not include the magnetic barrel which the Pro Adonit version does so it wont stick to your new model iPad. If you end up loving the Classic, the sale price allows you to not feel like you threw away money upgrading to the full pressure sensitive version.

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