Car Charger with Lightening Connector for the Newest iPad and iPad Mini

Griffin Technologies thought it was about time we should be able to charge our iPad (4), the iPad Mini and even the iPhone5 while driving. So, it appears they took their PowerJolt SE and connected the unique Lightening Connector to one end of the 23.5 inch coiled wire. If you are not familiar with the PowerJolt car charger, it has a ‘charging’ while LED circle indicating your iPad/iPhone is charging. The car plug also has a self-resetting SmartFuse in case you have issue with the Lightening Connector being someplace it shouldn’t be… like a kid’s drink. We have a couple on order and will give them a once through when they have arrived. For now, thought you would interested in the great news that passengers on long road trips will stay entertained door to door. As well, in rental cars when on work trips.