Personalize and Protect your iPad Mini without the Bulk of a Case

Simply put, we love wrapping our iPads, iPhones, Kindles and Google hardware in thin vinyl that adds a bit of personalization and protection to our electronic devices. This morning, we received a email letting us know that Gelaskins has a template for the new Mini iPad!

The email also mention that they are charging less than $20 US right now. Having purchased ‘skins’ for many years, we are excited about the lower price. Gelaskins offers a large group of pre-created skins that have art on them for the fun and serious minded iPad user. These include a image to use as a iPad wallpaper for maximum effect. There is also the feature of uploading your own image to the maximum personalization. The skins cover both the front and back. The front slight thickness of the vinyl means that if you sit your iPad face down on the table, the screen is just above from touching and getting dust ground into the face.

A few of the many options: Colin thomson Underworld, eBoy NYC, and Petit Collage Blue Robot –

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