Create, print and fold fun cube art with your iPad using Foldify!

We mentioned the printing, cutting and folding cute art fun before… little holiday and gaming characters. Now, an iPad app is letting us create our own!

Foldify offers more than just characters. Create a pyramid, bus, car, house, cube, cube person and even a tree. The app opens up with one of each to open and edit, or tap the ‘+’ to start new!

01 Foldify iPad

 You can choose to start with a blank page, or in this case a blank shape. Just tap one of the Foldify shapes to start to customize.

02 Foldify iPad

 The shape opens to a edit screen with the 3D image on the left and the flattened ‘page’ on the right. Both can be twisted and resized. As you edit the template on the right, they appear on the 3D image on the left. 

03 Foldify iPad

 The editing tools are on top, centered. Foldify has a pencil, pen, stamps, eraser and color picker. To the right is undo/redo. If you find your using a color a lot, tap and hold it to add it to the quick picker on the lower part of the color box. 

04 Foldify iPad

 The Foldify stamps are for eyes, note, lips, ears, mustaches, hands (arms), eyeglasses, car parts, house parts, fruit, leaves, and patterns. There are also specialized stamp packs that you can in-app purchase for thinks like Christmas unique bits. Drag the parts from the bar onto the template, then move/rotate/resize as you need.

05 Foldify iPad

 When you have the cube art as you like, you can print multiple sizes via AirPrint. Foldify also lets you share so others can print/cut/fold/paste/enjoy too! Unlike the Cubee options we mentioned in an earlier post, these tabs do not link together, you have to tape or glue to keep the shape together.

06 Foldify iPad

 Not feeling very creative, head back to the first screen and choose ‘Online’ to see other people’s creations. They are sharing with you so you can enjoy… you can also add a bit of your own personality to the art to printing. Foldify, providing a fun way of taking pixels into the physical world!

07 Foldify iPad

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