Rockmelt delivers a new view of the Web to your iPad

There is news that is covered by the local TV channels, then there is world news provided across many Web sites. We all have favorites of our own. Sharing articles of interest so that everyone doesn’t have to check all of the options available. Every interest has many… many… many sites to keep an eye on. Rockmelt is offering to pull the info from many Web sites into a single interface. Pulling from many different news sites, Rockmelt delivers an image and brief bit of text for each story. The content scrolls forever so everyone can find something of interest. Tap a article image from the grid to jump to the full post.

01 rockmelt ipad

Rockmelt opens in a view of Most Popular articles across it’s many news Web sites. Zero in on your specific interest via the pull down.

02 rockmelt ipad

Rockmelt would really like you to tell everyone about the content it finds for you so the app makes it very easy to do so through a link on each post in the overview as well within each article full view. Notice also the buttons to mark content with Like, LOL, Want… and more.

03 rockmelt ipad

Choose from the pull down of categories of news groups, or enter your own Search criteria and Rockmelt will find important news from the group of many resources.

04 rockmelt ipad

An important part of making Rockmelt able to successfully deliver content is it needs to connect to the social services you use. The app doesn’t just ask so it can make it easy to share, it also wants access to everything others are sharing with you. We are starting to get concerned about apps that provide free services in exchange for access to our contacts and content. With that access, we loose control of the data and how the information might be used.

05 rockmelt ipad


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