An artist in the family wants to paint or draw using the iPad

We have covered many different iPad drawing and painting apps here. As well, the ever expanding list of stylus options. We have at times even mentioned that the majority of us are just want-to-be artist, leaving the real creating to the pros around the office. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to expand out drawing skills, and in fact most of us would really enjoy doing more than doodles and diagrams. We have seen what our in-house folks can draw and there are plenty of examples of incredible art created on the iPad being shown all around the world. How does one get started?

We have iPads, we have our finger tips and styluses, and we have the desire… we are just lacking a book! Yes, a book was brought in by one of the more talented of our group and left laying around so everyone could have a little hope for more than napkin sketches. The name, iPad for Artists, would imply the reader must be talented already. While born-with-talent does help when undertaking any skill based task, the book does have what some referred to as ‘beginner tips’. We just saw that part of the book as a place to start… before getting to the parts where the very detailed art comes in.

iPad for Artists lightly covers a few apps and drawing/painting techniques. There are also sections on more detailed work processes, wrapping up with a gallery of examples to help get the ideas going and to really understand what is possible with the iPad in the hand of the artist. Since our co-worker had not interest in letting his copy of the book out the door, kids at home would love it to kickstart their artistic futures, we went to the local book stores to find our own. Yes, we have those still here locally, but they didn’t help. Ultimately, orders had to be placed through Amazon, where the book is available in print and not ebook form only.

Ipad for artists

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