The biodegradable protective iPad sleeve you can draw on

It’s from Griffin Technologies, It’s called the Papernomad, and it’s “An amazing, and patented, paper composite that has plastic’s durability and water resistance, but can be composted in your backyard.”

The outside, as the marketing bit above says, is paper composite created from several layers of paper and biopolymers. Like high tech paper used in building houses, the paper outer shell resist rips. It is also water resistant… which isn’t to say the outside is water ‘proof’ so while you can sit a cup of coffee on it, you don’t want to drop your Papernomad wrapped iPad into the pool! When your done, tired of the sleeve, bury it in your back yard and it will decompose completely in 6 months.

While the outside is a paper composite, the inside is felt, made from wool, brought to the sleeve from Kiwi sheep. To keep the iPad in the sleeve is a pull tab made from Hemp. Everything is held together with cotton stitching. The whole package means the iPad wrapped up feels like a padded paper bag, just slightly softer. Actually, there are Papernomads for iPad and iPhones.

01 Griffin iPad PaperNomad

Since the outside is a high quality paper, it lends it’s self nicely to being drawn, written and doodled on. How many people had their school papers in a Peechee folder? There are actually whole sites and flickr accounts dedicated to people’s ‘art’ drawn on peechee folders. Griffin Tech is encouraging the sharing of the doodles on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook… or upload photos of Papernomad sleeves art to their site.

02 Griffin iPad PaperNomad

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