Foldify on the iPad – now with paper hearts and 5 other new templates!

Remember Foldify? We talked about it back before the end-of-the-year holidays. The iPad app has a variety of templates that you choose, then color, add stamps, personalize, print, cut out, fold and play. We had a lot of fun with the many paper bits co-workers and their families created.

An updated version of Foldify has come out with 6 new templates to color, print and fold. One of the new templates is a fun 3D heart. The little characters now have the option to have arms too! Not feeling creative, other sure have been and their are sharing. Don’t forget about the ‘online’ option to print other people’s creative work. Fun place to start to get ideas too.

01 foldify iPad

The available shapes template page has grown. Now, Foldify has blocks and monolith like shapes, as well additional people and vehicles options are providing new possibilities.

02 foldify iPad

The 3D heart is just right for the holiday coming up. Color in, add some personalized text for something they will never see anywhere else. Shading the whole shape is faster now too with the new version getting a paint bucket.

03 foldify iPad

You can still use the standing characters like before. Below is the new Foldify option to add arms. Unlike the Gingerbread Men we mentioned in the previous post, these arms are not held in by tabs, instead they have to be glued on.

04 foldify iPad


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