Clone Camera comes to the big screen of the iPad

One way to show motion in a photo is to have the moving subject appear multiple times in the single image. This is fun for a single player action at a sporting event, a skate board jumper, several angles or a person doing multiple things. Not just for family fun but great for marketing too.

The process is simple, snap several photos (2 to 4) using Clone Camera, highlight the part of each image you wish to appear on the final image then let the app stitch the photos together. The app has been fun for us on the iPhone, and now we have the pleasure of being able to do better fine tuning on the larger iPad screen. There are two different versions of the app so you have to pay twice to have the use of Clone Camera on the iPhone and iPad.

01 Clone Camera iPad

From the developer:

1 Guide for shooting with afterimages
2 Self-timer function that can perform multi-shot with 4 times
3 The camera shake correction function
4 27 different high-quality photo filters
5 Support high-resolution image
6 Support Instagrams, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

The added features on the page when photographing make it easier to get the final result closer to what you desired. Clone Camera offers a quick ‘Retake’ in the upper left corner, across the bottom is the settings, a group of thumbnails to jump between and a ‘next’ option when you have the photos as you like.

02 Clone Camera iPad

On each of the photos, highlight the area you want to appear on the final image. You can be rather sloppy with the line around the bits if you didn’t move at all between each of the photos being taken. If you didn’t have your iPad on a stand when snapping the photos, be more precise in your highlighting as the background around each part may be slightly different than the rest of the image. Zoom in/out is supported in Clone Camera to help with the shading precision.

03 Clone Camera iPad

When the photos are ready, Clone Camera will remove the background of all of the images (not shaded areas) and merge into one. The final result can be saved to the iPad photo library or shared out through social sharing services in a variety of sizes.

04 Clone Camera iPad

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