Paper notepad challenge for the iPad

The Paper Like product was delivered quickly in a regular cardboard white envelope, included are things you would expect with a screen protector like screen cleaners wipes. Application of the sheet was as easy as other other screen protectors, there is the added element that the screen on a iPad is much larger than a iPhone so there was alignment challenges not previously encounters on a small screen, all good, just allow a touch more time.

There is in fact a rougher feeling of the Apple Pencil on the screen Paper Like layer. Sort of a super fine grain sandpaper feel, though the web site specifically call out that those are non wearing ‘nubs’. I assume there must be paper that feels like that, not my usual paper feel though. Of course, the first thing that goes through your mind is if I’m sanding down the tip of my stylus as I write/draw. Time will tell.

There is a noticeably improvement to the plastic stylus on glass screen clicking. It doesn’t have a squishy soft feeling which is nice, making drawing smooth.

That roughness does have a visual effect. It looks like tiny crystals on the screen. I didn’t get a lot of rainbow effect, which is good news. But, I do get a glimmer that is actually making my eyes uncomfortable.

As well, since I do a lot of photo touch up work on the iPad, I quickly found that the colors are effected. Tipping the iPad has the image edges appear to move a bit, but really the big concern for me was the colors on the images are really different.

If you use your stylus only for writing and drawing, this isn’t an issue. But, start using your finger or rest your palm on the screen and skin oil smudges appear. Not unlike the regular screen, but with the tiny pits between the raised points on the layer to give the ‘paper feel’, the oil settles. No, (ick!) not puddling, I’m talking about smudges. Which do not easily wipe off. The usual micro cloth didn’t touch the residue.

After a couple weeks, the protector came off. I will let you know if I find something that isn’t as much of a trade off.

Next… pen and pen tips options… one is working much better…