Letter from Kelly Smith, Zapd service will be discontinued

This news just came to us via an email (happy for Kelly, but we will miss the service!):

Zapd has been acquired!
The Zapd service will be discontinued on October 7, 2013
Today I wanted to share that Zapd has been acquired by RealSelf. RealSelf is the leading online resource for elective cosmetic medical procedures. As the new Chief Experience Designer, I’ll be leveraging everything we learned at Zapd to help build a better mobile engagement experience. The Zapd website and mobile apps will stay up until October 7, 2013 and then will be shutting down. 
We know some of you have questions and want more information. Here’s more on what it means for our users: 
Will the Zapd service continue operating in any way?
No. The Zapd service will not be operational after October 7. While we’ve really enjoyed your support and the entire journey, it’s on to new a new chapter. The Zapd application will no longer be available in the App Store and all Zaps created will be deleted. 
Will RealSelf operate the Zapd service under a different name?
No. The Zapd service will not be operational after October 7 and RealSelf won’t be using the technology for a service that is similar to what you see now. So, if you’ve got any Zaps that you want to save, you’ll want to do so over the next two weeks. 
Will Zapd be providing a tool to save Zaps?
No. We aren’t planning on developing any tools to allow for saving of your images and text. However, you’ll be able to save any Zap directly from the browser of your choice. 
To save your Zap via Safari:
  • Load your Zap web address in Safari
  • Choose File from the main browser menu
  • Choose Save As
  • Choose Web Archive in the pop-up menu
  • Select location on hard drive to save your Zap archive
To save your Zap via Google Chrome:
  • Load your Zap web address in Chome
  • Click on the Chrome “page” icon, located in the upper right hand corner of your browser window. When the drop-down menu appears, select the choice labeled Save page as…
  • Select the exact location on your hard drive or removable disk where you would like to save the current Web page.
  • Click on the Save
  • The current Web page should now be saved to the location specified in the previous steps. Several files have been retrieved including HTML, JavaScript, and images.
To save your Zap via Explorer:
  • Load your Zap web address in Explorer
  • Click Internet Explorer’s Tools button, choose File, and choose Save As from the overly packed menu.
  • When the Save Webpage box appears, Internet Explorer enters the web page’s name in the File Name text box.
  • Select a location in the Navigation Pane to save the file.
  • Choose how you want to save the page in the Save As Type drop-down list.
  • Consider choosing Webpage, Complete (*.htm;*.html): It is more awkward but more compatible as this option saves the web page in two separate pieces: a folder containing the page’s images and a link that tells the computer to display that folder’s contents.
Will RealSelf be using my personal information?
No. Your personal information will not be used for any purpose. 
Will Zapd be backing up any of my photos?
No. Your photos and text will all be deleted from our servers on October 7, 2013. Be sure to save what you want to keep! 
Thank you so much for your support!
Zapd has been downloaded over half a million times. We’ve been so honored to have received thousands of notes from our users, letting us know how much they’ve enjoyed using our app. We enjoyed building it too. But it’s time for the next chapter and we want everyone to know that we have appreciated your support over these last few years. We’re excited about the future. Stay in touch won’t you? Follow me on Twitter and we’ll keep you updated as best we can.
Kelly Smith, Founder, Zapd
Twitter: @curiousoffice
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