Number 2 Pencil Is Actually An iPad Stylus

Back to school time means we get a lot of fun new accessories showing up at the office to play with. Sure, everything has to go through rigorous testing to know it’s true usage, because we are all about serious research.

Well, most of the time. Other times, we find a new accessory that doesn’t particularly perform any better than something else, but it’s just fun. Those are the items that show up at the office then seem to grow legs as everyone wants to get their hands on it and keep it for themselves.

One of ‘those’ not required for serious work but sure fun is the No. 2 Pencil stylus from Griffin Technologies. It doesn’t perfectly match the real wood pencils, but it’s close enough everyone does a double take. Especially when it’s being used on an iPad. Instead of lead though, this stylus has a soft rubber tip. It moves nicely on the screen, not too much bend under pressure. We aren’t seeing a lot of failed attempts to draw a line so it works fine, isn’t anything but a simple stylus. A simple stylus dressed up for fun that is. The look might be enough for the user to have better handwriting on their iPad to avoid the teacher’s negative comments. The only true negative we have found so far is keeping it out of the hands of those that won’t give it back.

Number 2 pencil stylus

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