We’re Back!

OK… well, maybe not “We”, more of “I am back”.

I jumped into iGoiPad when I got the first iPad and saw a future of just using it… way off in the future, not that first one. 🙂 Then, other big budget sites jumped in and this site was just one of a million.

I have continued to use the iPad for much of my every day and work life, upgrading along the time as my needs change. Or, the bright and fancy Apple keynote encouraged me. Not always to the latest just because I was told I can’t live without the newest, rather the devices that I could really use. Currently I’m using a iPad Pro 9.7″ from before the latest big jump to the thin bezel super Pro iPad, as well a iPad Mini from last year. Our household also has a iPad… version before the current 2020 spec, so that must be the ‘7’.

Getting this site kicked off again is two fold. One: share with others what I’m doing and playing with on the iPad, and Two: get back writing every day on a set site rather than my more recent adding content everywhere. Let’s see how this goes… happy to see you!