Paper notepad challenge for the iPad

In order to make a full move from note taking with pen and paper to the iPad, there needs to be less of a plastic on glass feel. The Apple Pencil is spot on for weight, but the hard tip takes us back to the early Newton days of tap-tap-tap in a meeting.

The solutions for the Newton was different styluses or a screen layer (plastic, commonly knows as screen protectors today). There was a seemingly endless pen choices for the Newton, the iPad stylus options are fewer and more specialized. Few incorporate the features the Apple Pencil does… at least ‘built in, it just works’ kinds of features. I will get into that later.

Exploring the screen protector path, I found that a lot of the social media influencers where talking about Paper Like. A product that is selling as a paper feel experience for the iPad. Beware when purchasing, I found many providers that where selling a single protector with things like a new Pencil tip, which seems like people buying the regular 2 pack from Paper Like and doubling down on profits. Maybe not, it just has that feeling.