Pricing for 1st Gen iPad

Like any new hardware, you have to wait a bit from the introduction to when you actually get to play with the new toys, er… great devices. In the case of the iPad, you have to wait 60 to 90 days depending on the configuration. There isn’t a lot of options, less than a notebook but many more than the number of available versions of an iPhone.

In 60 days, you can pick up a iPad at your local Apple store with WiFi built in. Your options are for the amount of memory on board. 16, 32 or 64 gigs! That 64 gig unit for $699 is way lower than all the pre release rumors had it priced at. This device will be perfect for using around the house or office. Maybe not the best unit for around town.

If your willing to wait an additional 30 days, you can pick up an iPad with WiFi AND AT&T 3G wireless. Same memory amount options, but with the 3G access the price jumps up around $150. Of course, AT&T wants you to pay for the luxury of using their network. $14.99/month for 250 megs or $29.99 for unlimited data – no contract needed for either. This would take you into the world of a very slim device that you can stream music/movies to from just about anywhere, as well access your documents to edit.