iPad Landscape View On Your Desk

The docks available for the iPad have it standing tall in Portrait view. This makes it too tall to have in a meeting if you want to use it with the keyboard dock. You will be peering over the top rather than the iPad sitting low, so most meetings will have the device laying flat for text entry via the on screen keyboard.

Since we see most people sitting back and using the iPad on their lap or next to their notebook on the table, this will be fine. For your office though, do you have any overhangs or limits to height? The iPad will sit fine in the Portrait view with almost all desk layouts. If you like to view wide screen though, the docks to not all for this since the connector is on the ‘bottom’ when viewing tall.

Most of stands for the iPhone that allow landscape viewing do not have enough room in them to fit the edge of the iPad.¬†An option if you prefer the landscape view when at your desk (or on a plane) is a picture easel stand. They come in a huge variety of sizes and materials to match the look of your office. A ‘cheap’ clear plastic that will easily hold the 1.5 lb iPad will set you back less than ten dollars. The folding ones are very handy when flying and you want to share the movie your watching.

Sitting the iPad in a easel for a wide view (great for documents, images and presentations when you want a full screen view, it means that if you connect a cable for charging or syncing you will have it coming out the side. While this can look unusually in a really well thought out desk. It is possible to loop the cable in the easel to hold it snug.

Currently, many of us have vinyl stickers on our notebooks which we sit on our desks in a easel stand so it looks more like a picture sitting next to the monitor/keyboard. A touch of foam on the contact points avoids scratches on the hardware and feels better when your sitting the iPad into the stand.