Giving Away 20 iPads for Businesses

iPad’s do not have 100’s of gigs of memory so Businesses using iPads will need to store their files up in the cloud. Some companies can afford to do their own cloud, but most will need to use any of the variety of options. DropBox,, Amazon and Google are better known options. There are others… you may want to keep with major names since this is your data after all. You want it secure and you don’t want it to disappear.

Most cloud services offer a location to store and retrieve your files. is better know for more than just storing files, they offer different levels of collaboration for companies. Many apps now have file management built right into them.

To get people thinking how their company would use iPads connected to the cloud, is holding a bit of a contest. In 200 words, tell how a Business iPad user will be best served by interacting with cloud storage. Buzz over to their site to see the rules and the form to enter.