Productive iPad Time at Work Just Ended

There are a lot of conference calls going on down the halls today all on mute. It seems Pinball has a perfect pairing with the iPad features to be a huge hit here. The developers of Pinball HD doing great graphics and game play helped we’re sure. But non the less, pinball was fun on the iPhone and impossible to put down on the iPad.

Sadly there is no way to understand the gameplay without buying the app. It is like Color TV, pretty hard to sell to someone watching it demo’d on a black and white TV. Of course, some folks will hate it, as with anything there are parts you love and hate. On the love-it side is the floating camera that pans around the ball and the area your playing in. The action seems to add a depth to the game play that isn’t felt when you play the whole machine on the screen at one time.

Pinball HD comes with three playing areas; The Deep, The Jungle and The Wild West. Each have completely different play and features. All seem to really push the iPad to it’s own unique limits.

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