iPad 2.0 Sells Magazines

We subscribe to magazines… to a lot of magazines. Even with that, we see folks walking in with magazines they bought at the airport. Those are the ones that show stress wrinkled pages and no address tags.

Electronic magazines are starting to gain more popular with the larger color screens showing the true colors buyers want. For as much as we like the Kindle, magazines need to be in color and below the store shelf prices, which wasn’t the case for the Kindle versions.

For the magazines on the iPad, most magazines are showing up in the Zinio’s offerings. Wired struck off on their own where you have a icon just for their magazines, like Popular Science and several other popular specialized brands.

Yesterday we received our copy of the July T3 magazine in our Zinio’s reader. After you look past the striking art you will notice a mention of the new iPad 2.0. Opening the magazine you find that the article is actually about the many items on everyone’s wish list… no hard facts on what is to be. We still enjoyed reading cover to cover.

We do wonder, will there be a need for creative cover headlines when we are not looking for printed paper magazines on the rack but instead everyone is moved to subscriptions on their mobile device.

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