Wired and iPad, Not Green This Month

Last month we mentioned, and were excited about, being able to grab our monthly copy of Wired on our iPad (Wired Magazine Has Come To The iPad). Some folks felt it was too expensive, some folks loved the layout of the pages and content over other electronic magazine. Everyone wondered how next month was going to appear. Was it going to be within the same app or would we have a app for each month.

This month we learned…nothing. The July issue is out on the news stand but not in the iTunes App Store. So, we are seeing print copies everywhere around the office. So many trees… Apple and Wired could have saved all those trees… Yea, we’re just having fun with that. But we know someone is going to say it soon so we thought we would mention it first.

Flying this week with our iPad will be double in size as we carry a copy of print Wired and our iPad.

Oh, and this month is pretty good with ‘How Not to Be a Jerk on Twitter’ and ‘Tech Makeovers for Your Home and Office’.

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