The “Moleskin” iPad cover

We have talked about using the iPad the way you previously use a paper Moleskin. Now, you can actually join the two worlds of electronic paper and ‘real’ paper in a new case.

The folks that create the Moleskin notebooks are introducing a new case that will wrap your iPad in what looks like the regular Moleskin paper notebook. Black smooth exterior with rounded corners, elastic band to hold case closed and even a pad of paper.

There isn’t a mention of a release date yet, just ‘soon’. They are showing on the Moleskin page over on Amazon so you should be able to order there when they start to ship.

If you have used Moleskin products much, you may recognize that this is not their first electronic device cover. Previously, a cover for the second Kindle was released… nothing mentioned for the lastest Amazon Kindle offering. Judging by their site’s artwork below, there will be more cases coming that join the electronic paper with the tree based paper.