Create, Edit and Managing Docs on the iPad means working in the Cloud

To really be effective at using documents on the iPad, you must be tapped into the world of online ‘Cloud’ storage. By using one of the options available (Google, DropBox,, Amazon, Microsoft…) you will be able to create, edit, share and just pain access your documents.

Due to the file management most of the apps on the iPad use, it is not easy to carry massive amounts of documents to sort through when in a meeting. GoodReader is doing a better job by allowing folders to be set up and files moved between those folders. Tagging is popular, allowing for searching of documents in a particular app.

Storing documents online with a Cloud provider means you have a location for all of your work files to reach out to only when you need them. It allows for accessing the files on your desktop, pushing back to the Cloud and then accessing to reference or edit on the iPad when needed. There is some level of extra effort if you have a Cloud service for your home versus work documents or have divided documents across many folders on a single Cloud location.

QuickOffice rolled out an update that takes on the challenge in the most basic way, wish we had thought of it. The app now lets you search across multiple sources, including Cloud storage locations!

For the serious user of documents on the iPad, the QuickOffice also included improved file management: multiple file support to select, copy, paste, move, upload, download, transfer, & email from local device or remote storage. QuickOffice remains one of the most user friendly, editor rich document app for the iPad.

This is the app we demo’d when using the Brookstone keyboard/case earlier. At the time there was some limits, basically you could just type. Now short cuts for cut, copy, paste & full arrow key are supported.

QuickOffice Connect is still a little light on the PowerPoint create/edit side. The developers are saying that they will be doing a big ‘free’ update to get us better PowerPoint management early in 2011.

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