Fraction eduction made fun on the iPad

Learning fractions isn’t something we do a lot of around the office. But, we use them every day so we understand the need to know how they work. Everyone has their horror stories about how they learned fractions. We knew someone would come up with a way to learn about fractions that was easier than flash cards… and could be made fun.

Enter, Motion Math, a game about an asteroid. From the developer: Developed at the Stanford School of Education, Motion Math HD follows a star that has fallen from space, and must bound back up, up, up to its home in the stars. Moving fractions to their correct place on the number line is the only way to return. By playing Motion Math HD, learners improve their ability to perceive and estimate fractions in multiple forms. For children as young as 7 and as old at 17 (and adults too!), Motion Math gives learners a physical experience of the number line and an intuitive feeling for fractions.

Motion Math was inspired by embodied cognition, research suggesting that connecting one’s body to abstract concepts can deepen understanding. By estimating each problem with its distance on the number line, learners can develop a fast, accurate perception of fractions.

We love the concept and are looking for more apps like Motion Math that make learning interesting and fun. Happy we have an iPad in the house. Let us know if your kids catch on quicker using the app.