iKnow Dogs comes to the iPad as an offline readable eBook

For our fellow dog lover readers, here is a full color (over 1200 images), coffee table level, ebook that can be used offline. We mention this since so many electronic magazines we use these days need to keep calling back to the Internet for more features. We all love multimedia but we are not always in a high speed Internet area so our viewing pleasure suffers.

With iKnow Dogs (HD version), you get an extensive Dog Breed Reference ‘guide’. Just about every dog you can think of is in the eBook. We say ‘just about’ since there was a couple that folks pointed out as the iPad went around the room. The dogs on the pages are AKC and many from the International Kennel Club FCI.

Since iKnow Dogs is highly searchable, it is quick to use to find information on a dog without waiting for it to download from the Internet. Search by Appearance (their type of fur, average height, average weight… that sort of thing), Temperament and Characteristics (like their energy level and playfulness), Purpose (basically, the glass they are in when you watch the dog shows on TV) and the Country of Origin.

A fun feature of iKnow Dogs is the list of ‘famous’ dogs. Best known for being in movies, on commercials or part of famous families. Since this is a universal app, you never have to be without it since you can load the single purchased copy on both your iPad and iPhone. The app works in portrait and landscape view for the iPad, on the iPhone landscape worked best.

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