Stumbling around the internet on your iPad

StumbleUpon is a free service that matches what your looking for with what others have recommended. It presents you with options that are relative so it can take up your time quickly as you get lost in interesting sites to visit. There is an option to just go bouncing around but the service is better known for it’s ability to present links that matter to what your looking for.

It’s not all smoke and mirrors. For the tech minded curious, StumbleUpons offers a diagram of their ‘Recommendation Engine‘.

The reason for our StumbleUpon mention today is because the service is now available through a free Universal StumbleUpon app.

  • StumbleUpon brings you the best of the web, whenever, wherever you want.
  • Find great content, recommended just for you across 500+ interests.
  • Easily share your discoveries with anyone via email, StumbleUpon, Facebook or Twitter.
  • See what friends and people with similar interests liked as you explore new pages.
  • Access your favorite finds from wherever you are – your mobile accounts sync with your StumbleUpon web account.

The StumbleUpon app has been added to many of our first pages as a place to quickly go for both information and during our slow times. Be cautioned though, it’s hard to put down when the folks for your meeting do finally start wandering in.

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