Skype on the iPad, designed for the iPad

We didn’t wait for Skype to create a iPad version, we have been running the iPhone version in 2X from the day the iPad2 showed up. Actually, we have been using the audio and text messaging on the original iPad prior to the addition of the camera. With multitasking, the text messaging keeps coming in even on WiFi only iPads.

Happily, there is now an actual iPad version of Skype (Free, not Universal). Not only is the video full screen and clear, the contacts area is designed specifically for the iPad.

But I have FaceTime on my iPad, who needs Skype anymore? We use Skype to connect to cell phone and tablet users that don’t have Apple products and it allows our iPads to call a landline number (extra charge for non-Skype calls). Texting and Video chat at the same time is a feature that has a particular fan group. Yes, we still use FaceTime all the time…

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