No time to read? Listen to “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson on the iPad

The book all Steve Jobs fans have been waiting for finally came out. The ‘approved’ biography by Walter Isaacson. He was given time with Steve to get the full story, as well interviewed many others, over a period of several years. When the almost 700 page book came out, it was available everywhere and inventory went fast. If your interested in ready the print version… grab it at Amazon, Costco… you name it, it’s everywhere.

Some folks interested in reading a digital version will pick up the Amazon Kindle version of the biography. It can be read on a Kindle or on the iPad via the Kindle app. Be warned though, the ‘text to speech’ function on the Kindle has been turned off for this eBook. The feature isn’t supported on the iPad’s Kindle app, but in this case, even the Kindle hardware will not play the eBook as an audio file.

We did find the book available via Audible though. The service is currently owned by Amazon so perhaps that is the reason for the limitation on the Kindle version not getting text to speech. Either way, if you want to actually hear the book, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, you can get it through that service (audible).

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible

If you have never used the Audible service to purchase audiobooks before, then your amongst the lucky ones. Audible offers a free audiobook for anyone just signing up… you could choose the Steve Jobs biography for free to listen on your iPad and iPhone via the free Audible app.


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