The iPad on the bookshelf – by Fieldfolio

Since the beginning of the iPad, there has been the Dodo iPad case. Known for it’s unique center, a hand cut bamboo frame.

Fieldfolio has jumped in with a iPad2 with a more modern book outer and a precision cradle.

“Inspired by the classic linen cloth-bound book, Fieldfolio is handmade and traditionally bound. Fieldfolio includes fully-recycled board, a custom-fit cradle and a magnetic array that automatically operates your iPad 2’s sleep/wake function.”

The cradle holds the iPad2 snuggly. Providing openings for the sun cable, volume and even the camera on the back.

The colors appear very vibrant, a plus for us folks that like the bright books on our shelves. Since the outer is cotton-blend bookbinding linen over recycled board, it should wear similar to a hardcover book. We will report back here on the Fieldfolio case after we have a couple months usage behind us.



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