A different way of carrying the iPad at school and the office

Put this under the ‘fun but very useful’ category.

If you carry a three ring binder, we have found a way to carry your iPad too without having to carry both as one. The folks over at ZooGoo are offering a case that holds your iPad locked into your binder through the rings that normally hold your papers. You could use this inside without any paper, making a statement that paper has moved electronic, that would be fun around the office.

Either way, the case appears pretty sturdy. And, for the iPad2 owners, includes a camera hole so you don’t have to remove your device when a photo opportunity comes up.

The BinderPad Pouch is on the lighter side of the iPad wrappers, in at 3.5 oz, which is in part due to no screen cover being needed beyond the 3 ring binder enclosure.


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