Taking the challenge of a iPad Word Game, not just between friends

While we were busy running around our iPads with Sonic, we missed an addition to the challenging world of game tile games. Words Play offers you 7 tiles to play with on a 225 square board. Try to create words that your challengers from around the world (requires a Apple – free – GameCenter account). Laying down tiles on your board, interacts directly your challenger’s iPad or iPhone’s game board. You can actually start a game on your iPhone when a challenge comes in, then jump to the same game on your iPad when you get to the office… er, home.

A nice feature of Words Play to keep us all honest is the ability to look words up against a complete dictionary. Not that any of us get overly creative with trying to use up our letter tiles.

For the times you don’t want to challenge a human to a game of Words Play, a Ai player is available to install through an in-app purchase.


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