Up to 4 iPads around the world, collaborating on a color ‘whiteboard’ with voice!!

Across our team or with clients, this might be the simplest way yet to work on ideas with others, no mater where they are. Don’t let the name of the iPad app throw you, Sketchshare does more than share your sketches. The app connects to up to three other iPads via Apple GameCenter. No special servers or support accounts need to be set up. iPads with Sketchshare loaded, can connect over Apple’s own communication system.

Everyone sees the same ‘whiteboard’. Anyone of the four iPads can draw or write for everyone to see almost at the exact same time… speed is a variable based on Internet connection speed. Each collaborator can choose color and size of pens. Each person can zoom in or out and turn their view without effecting what everyone else is seeing.

A photo can be placed on the board for everyone to see and comment on. Layers is not supported in Sketchshare yet so when something like a photo is placed over the board, you can not edit what is underneath. All of the sketches can be saved to everyone’s iPad’s photo library, as well sharing out over social networks directly from Sketchshare is supported. Oh yea… and voice, that is handled through GameCenter too so again no special additional services are needed.

We are rolling the app out to our core team… looking to gift a copy of Sketchshare (currently on sale!!) out to key clients to show project artwork for a quick OK or sketch over what needs to be changed. No traveling needed.



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