12 Science Fiction stories in the near future written by those in the know

Most of us get an email every week day from the Technology Review. I contains headlines from a couple of the day’s posts and a few blog links. From the folks at MIT, the email and related Web site are about technology across the years, including upcoming technology. There are fun interviews of yesterday technology, which really helps to understand why things turned out the way they are now. Also, where is technology heading with mobile phones, transportation, microtechnology, and more… If your not getting their email, you can view the Technology Review news via the free iPad app. ┬áThe same group does a monthly magazine of their best, longer, content. The monthly is available in print or as a iPad magazine too.

Imagine if those same people with knowledge of the past and vision of the future where to add the twist of SciFi. The Technology Review folks have brought together 12 authors in all different areas of technology to write those ‘near future’ SciFi. Those 12 stories, because they are mostly the next step to what technology we are using now really gets a person thinking.

The stories are available in formats to match your favorite reader… for us that would be iBooks on the iPad (nook, kindle also available). The iPad version is called TRSI.