iPad with the enhanced hardware keyboard

Yesterday Apple allowed folks to pre-order their iPad via their site to be shipped to you or you could drop by one of their outlets to pick it up in person. Along with the options of onboard memory sizes for your iPad, you can also choose from a few accessories.

Additional power cord, a dock, the Apple ‘case’, video out and a dock with keyboard. The latter, ‘dock and keyboard’ is a iPad dock coupled with the smaller sized Apple Aluminum keyboard. But, not the usual Aluminum Keyboard, this one sports a bunch of function keys aligned with the iPad needs. The keys include adjusting brightness, the volume, music playback and search.

Looking at this image left to right, you have a square, search, brightness and one of a box with a plant in it…. that enables the iPad’s photo screensaver.

Like everyone in the office, I ordered one of these keyboard/docks as well for my work desk. Just a personal note, I wish the iPad was docked in landscape view rather than portrait. Sure, the connector isn’t in the right place to have the dock work that way, but when at the office it’s all about wide over tall when in the dock.