News and Web Site Updates On The Go

We have taken our news with us for many years on our mobiles via our favorite Web site’s RSS feeds. We grab a group of headlines and text to read later.

Two new options in this crowded app list is Pulse News and Reeder for iPad. Pulse you may recognize from the iPhone 4.0 keynote demonstration.

Since these solutions have been tuned to the iPad, they carry more power than the majority of solutions we have used on the iPhone in the past that grabbed news as text. Both apps grab the text and the Web site view so you can read the way you want later. By using one of the specialty RSS software options, you will get updates made on the Web sites your interested on on your iPad in a single view. No waiting for Web sites to load.

Launching Pulse you are greeted with rows of images, divided by the different sites your following. Pulse is preloaded with a list of sites for you to choose from or you can add your own.

You can have a list of site feeds from the Built In ‘Featured’ list, sites from your Google Reader list, Search for new and ‘Manage’ to remove and re-order the list.

Choosing an article from an image on the first page results in the content of the post. Along the bottom of the page is articles from the same site that you can choose to view. As well, quick access to font changes and sharing out to friends via social networks (Twitter, Facebook and emailing).

Tapping anywhere on the page away from the options along the bottom causes it to drop down off the bottom of the page.

The first article view Pulse gives you is the text only view of the content. Tapping the option at the top will pull in the actual Web site view. Just in case you feel your missing other content on the Web page. We like the text only view for sites like Mashable that offer great content but are slow to load due to the quantity of ads and related items.

This post has gone a bit longer than we have planned… watch here tomorrow for a walk through the features that Reeder for iPad offers. Many of the same set but with a different UI that some folks like more or less than what Pulse offers.

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