iPad ArtStudio updates – fonts, layers and discounted!

ArtStudio for iPad is one of our apps that the talented among us can make incredible artwork with. The rest of us have a lot of fun knocking out little sketches and actually use it for wireframing projects.

Several items we find people forget are available in the app is ‘text’ which carries with it many fonts.

And, Layers! This is a huge feature for us when drawing project layouts. This allows for overlapping components that can be modified one at a time without effecting other images. It is also a great way of adding different backgrounds that you can turn on/off for screen shots to build a vision.

As our title for this post mentions, there was a recent update to ArtStudio that includes:

*”Color” layer blending
*Fixed blur filter (now it takes into account also alpha channel)
*TEXT tool

– 44 font faces
– styles: normal/bold/italic
– alignment: left/center/right
– settings: size, opacity, color
– text orientation depends on iPad orientation
– move text, set size/opacity, during typing

Finally… the ArtStudio 30% discounted price is available until September 30th.