eTrade baby gets an iPad and an app

It’s hard to watch any TV without seeing the eTrade baby and his little friends. He always has a fresh insight to nothing important but brings us all a good laugh. So, since we were talking about the new commercial in the office this morning, the ads must be working.

Last night, we enjoyed the little guy in ‘time out’ for riding the family dog as a horse. Luckily, the family left the iPad in his crib so he was able to use the new eTrade iPad app to track his stocks. No need to comment here about a baby trading stocks let alone having their own iPad… but, its all in fun.

Since he mentioned it, we should let you know that eTrade does in fact have an app for the iPad (not universal, separate one for the iPhone) that allows you to see many views of the stock market as well as your stocks. Watch for trends, etc…

There is also the included option to view the latest news that just might be effecting the raise and fall of your invested dollars…

Of course, some folks here trade stocks regularily and others never risk it since they play the lottery. All kidding asside, please use eTrade or any other app for stock tracking at your own risk. Your milage will vary. eTrade says about their app:

• Free streaming real-time quotes with integrated charts
• Breaking market news and commentary
• Easy stock trading with market, limit, and advanced orders
• Access to the same watch lists you set up online
• Review your account, portfolio, and order details
• CNBC video support for eligible customers

Just in case you needed another view of the eTrade Baby and his dog (he mentions he really wanted a bird), here he is again talking away…

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