Making your iPad uniquely yours

We have covered the many iPad carrying cases we have around the office and a few options to create your own vinyl stickers for protection. This week we saw a bit of unique flash on a iPad that showed what someone with a bit of talent can do when it comes to making an iPad ‘yours’.

The folks over at Gel Skins have brought together some talented folks to make some very unique skins. They are the usual 3m removable style but with designs that really stand out. While sports teams or movie scenes are fun to have on the protective film, these are true bits of art. Each one has a uniqu message. From the long list of available designs, there are ones that are nice anywhere, and there are some edgy options that some offices or schools may frown on a bit. Everything to make your iPad a statement piece. And of course, protect the back and front face edges from getting scratched!

Here are a few examples, take a jump over to Gel Skins to see the many options they have:

Personalize your iPad with removable protection from GelaSkins. Choose images from 100’s of great artists or upload your own designs!

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