Layout, Design and Present Web Page Mockups on the iPad

One of the first things we thought of when the iPad was announced was what a great tool it would be for working with clients. We had hoped we would be able to walk through presentations, much like PowerPoints or PDFs.

When iMockUps came out for the iPad, we had high hopes but didn’t expect too much. Soon we were using it for cross team Web page design layout since it exported projects easlier for others to add to.

For months, the developers have continuesly updated the app, sneaking up on a very full set of features. In the last update, we got a couple items that moves this app from a developement tool into full client presentation mode. Connecting the video out to VGA cable to the iPad, iMockUps lets you make changes to the layout or do a walk through of Web pages with clients and team members.

Another win in this update was linking pages. It only works in ‘presentation’ mode but this does mean that you can show how a Web site flow will go. Clicking on links you set up jumps to another page like the final site will.

The full list of features in this update (Version 1.2)

– VGA Out for Presentation Mode – Just plug in your VGA Out Adapter into a monitor or projector and walk your clients through your mockups while in Presentation Mode.
– Page linking – You can now jump to different pages in your project in Presentation Mode by linking controls to pages. Page links only work in Presentation Mode and will not function if grouped.
– Color options are now available for Text, Borders and Background for most UI Controls. Change the color via the control’s Info Panel.
– New Page Link UI Control to create hot spots for linking pages while in Presentation Mode
– New DataGrid UI Control to create tables of data in a grid format
– New Ordered List UI Control to create bullet, dash and numbered lists
– New Chart UI Control to create Bar, Column, Line and Pie charts
– New Cover Flow UI Control
– New Calendar UI Control
– Page numbers now appear in the top right corner of each page preview.
– Maximum number of pages allowed in a project has been increased to 20.
– Locked controls are no longer selected when performing multi-select

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