Verizon starts marketing the iPad with MiFi Internet access

We mentioned before that many of us here use the iPad Wifi version tethered to a Verizon MiFi for internet access where there is no Wifi signal. Our MiFis where being used back before there was a iPad for our notebooks and handheld devices. The MiFi’s ability to create a hotspot for up to 5 devices lends it’s self well to having multiple iPads connected through the same 3G device.

Verizon is now selling the Wifi version of the iPad, bundled with the MiFi. The MiFi has a constant monthly bill that is tied to a contract unlike the AT&T 3G iPad that doesn’t have a contract and varies if you need more data for particular months over others. Some areas of the US have better signal support for one carrier over the other so a person’s level of happiness connecting to the Internet will vary too.

Here is the Verizon commercial showing off the iPad using the MiFi: